Four Tricks to Stop Your Loud Blender
Four Tricks to Stop Your Loud Blender

They can do it all, from creating silky soups to making the best morning smoothies to making homemade nut-butter.

These machines can be amazing but have one drawback: They are very loud. Blenders of this type blend at a much higher level than traditional ones. It can be quite surprising the first time they are used.

Is there something you can do? It depends on how much you are bothered by it. Here are some options to lessen the sound.

1. Move it away.

If the blender is kept inside, the noise from the blender can bounce off walls making it seem louder. Place it in the middle or center of your counter, at least two feet from any walls. This should slightly reduce volume.

2. You can place it on top a silicone mat, dish towel, or silicon mat.

The blender can be placed on top of a towel or a trivet, or even a silicon mat or rubber mat to muffle its sound. These can absorb some of motor noise.

3. Blend the night prior.

It's not the best option, but it is possible. It's possible to make the smoothie ahead of your time, if you are worried about people being awakened by you making your 6 a.m. breakfast smoothie. Blend it the night ahead, then put it in a Mason-jar. Give it a shake the next morning to stop it from getting separated.

4. Be serious.

This is only for the really desperate. PIONEERHOME actually makes a blender named "quiet".


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