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Pioneer Home, founded in 2005, has been focusing on small home appliances. We set up our own injection molding department in 2009, with more than 24 injection machines which branded Zhen De & Sheng Hai. With the effort of our professional engineers, we have built up our R&D department in 2012, bringing up 5-8 new models every year. In 2016, we built up our own brand We Love Smoothie & Kung Fu Blender to introduce our mission to the world. With 15 year experiences, our sales market covers more than 40 countries around the world.

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Pioneer Home is specializing in smoothie blenders for commercial use, home use and personal use with good quality, stable technology, competitive price and has been producing OEM blenders.


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Four Tricks to Stop Your Loud Blender

They can do it all, from creating silky soups to making the best morning smoothies to making homemade nut-butter. These machines can be amazing but have one drawback: They are very loud. Blenders of this type blend at a much higher level than traditional ones. It can be quite surprising the first time they are used. Is there something you can do? It depends on how much you are bothered by it. Here are some options to lessen the sound. 1. Move it away. If the blender is kept inside, the noise from the blender can bounce off walls making it seem louder. Place it in the middle or center of your counter, at least two feet from any walls. This should slightly reduce volume. 2. You can place it on top a silicone mat, dish towel, or silicon mat. The blender can be placed on top of a towel or a trivet, or even a silicon mat or rubber mat to muffle its sound. These can absorb some of motor noise. 3. Blend the night prior. It’s not the best option, but it is possible. It’s possible to make the smoothie ahead of your time, if you are worried about people being awakened by you making your 6 a.m. breakfast smoothie. Blend it the night ahead, then put it in a Mason-jar. Give it a shake the next morning to

Four Ways to Silence Your Loud Blender

They can do anything, from making smooth soup to creating the ultimate morning smoothie to creating homemade nut butter. These blenders are incredible, but there is one downside: they are louder than usual. Blenders with this powerful motor blend at a higher speed than traditional blenders. This can sometimes be surprising when you first use one. Is there anything that you can do to stop it? It depends on how bad it bothers you. These are some suggestions to help you reduce the sound — small or large. 1. Move it from the wall. The blender can become louder if it is kept in an enclosed area. Place the blender in the middle, about two inches away from walls. This should reduce the volume slightly. 2. It can be placed on top of a silicon mat or dish towel. Place the blender on top with a dish towel, rubber or silicon mat, or trivet to muffle the sound. These help to absorb some noise from the motor. 3. Blend the night before. Although this may not be the ideal solution, it is an option. Make sure you don’t wake up anyone by making the smoothie at 6 AM. Blend it the night prior, place it in a Mason Jar, and give it a shake in the morning to avoid any separation. 4. Take action. If you really need this, it is possible. PIONEERHOME

Four Tips to Make Your Blender Quiet

They can make silky smooth soups, blend the perfect morning smoothie, and even create homemade nut butter. These machines are amazing, but they have one problem: They can be loud. These blenders have a more powerful motor than traditional blenders, so they blend at a higher volume. This can be a bit surprising the first time you use them. What can you do? It all depends on how bothersome it is. There are many ways to reduce the sound, from making small adjustments to big ones. 1. It can be moved away from the wall. If the blender is kept in a closed space, it can cause the noise to bounce off walls and make it sound louder than it is. It should be placed in the middle of your counter at least 2 inches from any walls. This will slightly reduce its volume. 2. Place it on top of a silicone mat or dish towel. You can muffle the sound by placing the blender on top a folded dish towel, a silicon or rubber mat, or trivet. They all absorb some of the motor’s noise. 3. Blend the night before. This is not the best solution, but it is possible. You might consider making your smoothie ahead of time if you are concerned about waking everyone up while you make your 6 a.m. smoothie. Blend it overnight, then pour it

We bring health and happiness

Over the past years, we have been focusing on the technology and products that promote healthy lifestyle for our customers. Nowadays we have won a lot of customers’ acceptance, our products have been widely used in hotels, western restaurants, coffee shops, beverage chain, natural organic diet areas and the marketing network has covered 40 countries and regions such as Southeast Asian, European, Middle East etc.

Professional customization

Upon customer request, our experts take on complete OEM projects that include the entire product development process.

R&D Center

Our R&D team is centrally located at Gaoli HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL ZONE, consisting of a young and motivated team, which is responsible for the new and continued development of our products and technologies. Independent of the individual production facilities, this cross-disciplinary team collaborates on projects.

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Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance is one of the known Juicer and Blender manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are manufacturing the best quality blenders using the latest technology.   Our wide range of High Speed Blender made in China providing unmatched highlights for your kitchen. You can purchase the Best Juice Blender with truly growing requests, and our incredible engine helps get things conceivable instantly. Its jar with fine sharp cutters helps you crush hard spice to make smoothies in the blink of an eye.   As the leading and the Best Smoothie Maker, we don’t expect to make the blender that gets junked when not in use. Our entire blender is made with the best quality steel. We make each everyday use, business-grade blender processor. So when you’re prepared for an update, we’re here to help.  

Our product ranges include:

  Best Blenders for Ice, Bar Blenders, Commercial Smoothie Blender, Fruit Juice Blender, Juicer Mixer Price, Smoothie Maker Amazon, and many more.  

Our Approach

  It’s not simply an item; we invest wholeheartedly in conveying answers for your everyday requirements. We urge each other to accomplish greatness in all undertakings and aren’t fulfilled until the item meets our very own elevated requirements.  


  We never bargain with our quality. Before any item is conveyed, the quality regulator will survey and will guarantee the item fulfills every single characterized rule.   We are constantly advancing, adjusting to consistently arising acknowledged prescribed procedures and acknowledged guidelines of the business. Every one of our items is twofold checked in light of the fact that we put stock in giving quality the first run-through, yet without fail.   Appreciate continuous execution with smart and security includes that is unparalleled in its classification. Each Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance is productive, contemporary, and simple to utilize.   We made it conceivable just through item advancements and state-of-the-art fabricating measures. Our items are continually being updated to improve the quality and will keep on doing the same for quite a long time to come. The World Wide Ads