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Pioneer Home, founded in 2005, has been focusing on small home appliances. We set up our own injection molding department in 2009, with more than 24 injection machines which branded Zhen De & Sheng Hai. With the effort of our professional engineers, we have built up our R&D department in 2012, bringing up 5-8 new models every year. In 2016, we built up our own brand We Love Smoothie & Kung Fu Blender to introduce our mission to the world. With 15 year experiences, our sales market covers more than 40 countries around the world.

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Pioneer Home is specializing in smoothie blenders for commercial use, home use and personal use with good quality, stable technology, competitive price and has been producing OEM blenders.


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Pioneer Home Offer Exclusive Range of Juicer & Blender

High Speed Blender, Juicer and Blender, best Blenders for Ice Summary: The following press release gives brief information about the company that offers heavy-duty juicers and blenders. At Pioneer Home, we specialize in providing the highest quality juicer and blenders. Our electric Juicer & Blender is great for people who are fitness freaks. It gives you natural & tasty juice, smoothies, and protein shake in no time. The stainless steel blade and one key operation make the blender convenient to use. So begin your day with Juicer and Blender that quickly blends fruits & vegetables and gives you a solid and tasty drink. High Speed Blender is a unique and highly acclaimed appliance that achieves multiple functions within the kitchen. The state-of-the-art blender is capable of chopping, blending, mix, and even juice. Its numerous abilities ensure that one requirement does not invest in multiple kitchen fittings as it performs numerous applications. In so doing, one saves money, time, and effort while performing their meal and drink preparation duties. We have been concentrating on the technology and products that encourage a healthy lifestyle for our clientele. So nowadays, we won the customers’ trust; our products have been extensively using in hotels, western eateries, coffee shops, beverage cable, and natural organic diet areas. The advertising network has covered 40 nations, including Southeast

Why You Should Buy The Best Blender From Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance?

Bar Blenders, Best Juice Blender Smoothies and fresh fruit Juices are the best ways to keep you refreshed. These drinks are filled with vitamins & minerals and increase the rejuvenation power of the body. Unfortunately, you only get benefits from these drinks when you consume them fresh. For this purpose, you can use the Bar Blenders. It is one of the newest editions of blender from GUANGDONG PIONEER HOME APPLIANCE CO.,LTD. This company is producing home appliances including blenders since 2005. You will find their blenders in every part of the world. Why use Bar Blenders? • Bar Blenders have more torque than conventional blenders • This blender can make fine pulp of any fruit • The price of this blender is affordable for most people Why Buy Blender From Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance? This Chinese home appliance manufacturer is known for its innovative technology. Therefore, you can expect to have the Best Juice Blender at your house. You would be surprised to know that many high-end bars, health clubs, and fitness gyms use their blender to make fresh fruit juices. If you are buying a blender for fitness purposes, then don’t compromise with the quality. Buy the Best Juice Blender from this company at an affordable price?

Know About Different Kinds of Blenders

Commercial Smoothie Blender, Best Smoothie Maker, Smoothie Maker Amazon Summary: The following article gives information about the different kinds of blenders for home and commercial purposes. There are such a lot of blenders to be had these days and plenty of people do not comprehend it. If you experience making short and easy drinks of any type, then you could have used a blender in some unspecified time in the future to your lifestyles. I want to take a look at the numerous forms of Hamilton seashore blenders that you can get as well as their uses within the kitchen. Smoothie Blender – This type of blender is good for making smoothies and depending for your mixture of substances it could be a healthful option. You can upload your choice of fruit to make a delectable healthy shake or smoothie. Blenders has quite a number smoothie blenders which can be durable, have a high crush cycle and they are dishwasher secure. Frozen Drink Blender – Frozen drink blender is long lasting and is powerful enough to weigh down ice. Which means that you could create thrilling cocktails inclusive of margaritas, daiquiris and Pina coladas readily. The blender is designed to tug the aggregate to the bottom for a good distribution of overwhelmed ice. This is a party blender that can

We bring health and happiness

Over the past years, we have been focusing on the technology and products that promote healthy lifestyle for our customers. Nowadays we have won a lot of customers’ acceptance, our products have been widely used in hotels, western restaurants, coffee shops, beverage chain, natural organic diet areas and the marketing network has covered 40 countries and regions such as Southeast Asian, European, Middle East etc.

Professional customization

Upon customer request, our experts take on complete OEM projects that include the entire product development process.

R&D Center

Our R&D team is centrally located at Gaoli HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL ZONE, consisting of a young and motivated team, which is responsible for the new and continued development of our products and technologies. Independent of the individual production facilities, this cross-disciplinary team collaborates on projects.

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Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance is one of the known Juicer and Blender manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are manufacturing the best quality blenders using the latest technology.

Our wide range of High Speed Blender made in China providing unmatched highlights for your kitchen. You can purchase the Best Juice Blender with truly growing requests, and our incredible engine helps get things conceivable instantly. Its jar with fine sharp cutters helps you crush hard spice to make smoothies in the blink of an eye.

As the leading and the Best Smoothie Maker, we don’t expect to make the blender that gets junked when not in use. Our entire blender is made with the best quality steel. We make each everyday use, business-grade blender processor. So when you’re prepared for an update, we’re here to help.

Our product ranges include:

Best Blenders for Ice, Bar Blenders, Commercial Smoothie Blender, Fruit Juice Blender, Juicer Mixer Price, Smoothie Maker Amazon, and many more.

Our Approach

It’s not simply an item; we invest wholeheartedly in conveying answers for your everyday requirements. We urge each other to accomplish greatness in all undertakings and aren’t fulfilled until the item meets our very own elevated requirements.


We never bargain with our quality. Before any item is conveyed, the quality regulator will survey and will guarantee the item fulfills every single characterized rule.

We are constantly advancing, adjusting to consistently arising acknowledged prescribed procedures and acknowledged guidelines of the business. Every one of our items is twofold checked in light of the fact that we put stock in giving quality the first run-through, yet without fail.

Appreciate continuous execution with smart and security includes that is unparalleled in its classification. Each Guangdong Pioneer Home Appliance is productive, contemporary, and simple to utilize.

We made it conceivable just through item advancements and state-of-the-art fabricating measures. Our items are continually being updated to improve the quality and will keep on doing the same for quite a long time to come.