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Vacuum Blender

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VACUUM BLENDING: Vacuum technology removes oxygen from the blender during blending. This creates a smoother blend that is more vibrant and less prone to foaming, bubbles, or froth. It also allows for greater consistency. Vacuum blending reduces the chances of discoloration and the negative effects of oxygen on nutrients. Vacuum storage and blending removes oxygen from the blend. This helps reduce discolouration and the effects of oxidation on nutrients. It also preserves flavour and texture when properly stored and refrigerated. Blends that are ready-to-use and keep fresh longer. Vacuum seal bags can be used to store fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods. They also slow down the discolouration of the food and the loss in nutrients caused by oxidation. Food is not protected from oxidation by traditional storage containers or bags. Keep your food fresher for longer.
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