Four Ways to Silence Your Loud Blender
Four Ways to Silence Your Loud Blender

They can do anything, from making smooth soup to creating the ultimate morning smoothie to creating homemade nut butter.

These blenders are incredible, but there is one downside: they are louder than usual. Blenders with this powerful motor blend at a higher speed than traditional blenders. This can sometimes be surprising when you first use one.

Is there anything that you can do to stop it? It depends on how bad it bothers you. These are some suggestions to help you reduce the sound -- small or large.

1. Move it from the wall.

The blender can become louder if it is kept in an enclosed area. Place the blender in the middle, about two inches away from walls. This should reduce the volume slightly.

2. It can be placed on top of a silicon mat or dish towel.

Place the blender on top with a dish towel, rubber or silicon mat, or trivet to muffle the sound. These help to absorb some noise from the motor.

3. Blend the night before.

Although this may not be the ideal solution, it is an option. Make sure you don't wake up anyone by making the smoothie at 6 AM. Blend it the night prior, place it in a Mason Jar, and give it a shake in the morning to avoid any separation.

4. Take action.

If you really need this, it is possible. PIONEERHOME actually produces a blender called "quiet."


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