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Commercial Blender

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It takes more than just the right ingredients to create the perfect cocktail or blend smoothies. The best equipment is essential for a chef. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the right bar, high-performance or culinary blender for commercial kitchens. Are You a Blender, or a Food Processor? Before we get into the differences between the various types, let us first clarify the difference between a food processor and a commercial blender. It is not easy to tell which type to use. Commercial blenders require liquid to perform their tasks. Commercial Blender Strengths Blenders excel in: Depending on their type and function Pureeing Ice crushing Making smoothies or milkshakes Mixing cocktails Making soups, sauces and dressings Use frozen ingredients Different types of commercial blenders All commercial blenders can be classified into four different categories: high-performance beverage (bar), culinary, specialty, and culinary. Each type of blender brings a variety of benefits to the commercial kitchen or bar. Commercial Bar Blenders Bar blenders are used in pubs, taverns and other establishments that mix drinks. A bar blender comes with a few basic features, such as a pulse function, high/low speeds, and a timer. Bar blenders under 2 HP or HP can be used to blend 10-25 drinks per day. They also save money on unnecessary features. Bars that blend more than 25 beverages per day should look into a high-performance beverage blender. Blenders for high-performance beverages High-performance beverage blenders are much more powerful than bar blenders. High-performance beverage blenders have 2 HP or more. High-performance blenders are required for establishments that mix back-to-back beverages (more than 25 drinks per day), such as smoothie shops and juice bars, juice bars and specialty bars. High-performance blenders are built with durable motors that can handle high volumes of drink production. Programmability for high-performance Preset drink cycles are another useful feature that can increase a blender's productivity and versatility. This feature is especially useful for restaurants that offer menu items. Preset programs are easy to use and provide consistency. Some blenders also allow you to create your own programs and provide languages other than English. Commercial Culinary Blenders In their construction, culinary blenders resemble high-performance drink blenders. Food blending uses variable speed functionality, which gives the chef more control over the ingredients and the recipes.
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