The working principle of the mixer

I. Why I want to buy a juicer
Juicer, also known as the original juicer

I've bought Fruit of the Loom, Farmer's Orchard, and NFC from Farmer's Spring.

Basically, fruit grain orange is a chemical blend; Farmer's Orchard is a juice pulp blending; NFC is 100% raw juice.

So the fruit grain orange 3.5 yuan; orchard 4.5 yuan or so; and the NFC sold a huge expensive, a small bottle of more than ten twenty dollars. (The charm of raw squeeze is so strong)

For a while, I always like to go to the milk tea store to buy a cup of freshly squeezed juice, if the store's fruit fresh okay, once mixed with a bad fruit in it, the whole cup of juice are ruined, the experience is very poor.

In fact, most of the juice drinks on the market, basically not with fresh fruit squeezed, the most common is concentrated fruit pulp blending, pulp factories specializing in the production of concentrated fruit pulp, sent to major juice factories to modulate their own (this way the most efficient, convenient transportation).

Juice is very rich in vitamins and minerals, which is an important part of maintaining good health, so choose your favorite flavor of fruit to quench your thirst and nutrition.

In order to take care of my own habits, as well as my own health, I got my first juicer.

II. What kind of juicer should I buy?
There are many different types of juicers, with different uses and functions, so we need to buy the most suitable juicer for our needs.

Which is the best brand of juicer / original juicer

1, you want your juicer to be used exclusively for juicing, or you want to use it to make different kinds of drinking food

The juicer on the market can actually be divided into two categories: one is specifically used to squeeze juice juicer, we also call it a juice machine, it juice efficiency and effectiveness are very significant, but the function is more single.

The other is a multifunctional juicer, it can achieve a variety of fruits and vegetables and ingredients grinding production, more versatile.

2, you want to make juice at home, or take it with you

Juicers are divided into home and portable types, as well as plug-in and battery-operated ones.

If you want to enjoy your own juice wherever you are, it is suitable to buy a portable type, you can drink in the car

If you want to get a little more detailed in their own homes, you can choose the home type of juicer.

3, your juice or drink quality requirements of high or low

If you are looking for a fresher, purer juice experience, the original juicer and the single function juicer are your best choices.

On the contrary, although the multifunctional juicer is useful, but it is not good at juicing juicer, it meets the needs of users in many ways, just like it can make a good milkshake, soup and porridge drinks or even a few meat, with a few rich features.

III. Talk about the classification and characteristics of juicers
When you choose a juicer on the web, will you be dazzled by the introduction of various brands of juicers, I will divide it roughly into 3 categories.

1. Juicer (single function juicer)

The blades rotate at high speed, pushing fruits and vegetables from the filling port to the knife net area, chipping the pulp, and can separate the dregs and juice by centrifugal force. It has a faster juice output and is also easy to clean.

The first one I bought was a single-function juicer, and then I replaced it with a multifunctional one because I wanted to do more food, although it is more single-functional, but the juice it extracts is really pure, and it is a gospel for juice lovers like me.

Only this kind of juicer can make pure juice, like "pure juice" friends to keep their eyes open to recognize!

2. Multifunctional juicer

According to the principle, it is more like a juicer and blender combined with a machine. Also through the blade high-speed rotation, stirring, crushing and cutting ingredients. Structurally, it can be described as a juicer, plus soy milk cups, grinding cups and meat churning cups.

It has an average juicing speed and is not very difficult to clean. The juicing and blending all-in-one machine in the mouth of most brands is it.

Feature-rich, is now more mainstream models on the market, it can produce juice, sauce, soy milk and other food, a machine with multiple cups, I call it an all-rounder!

3. Original juicer

Original juicer, the principle of this thing is slightly unique, it is not to destroy the fruit, but through the screw extrusion, the juice pressed out, a little squeeze peanut oil feeling. Squeezing speed is generally very slow, such as 75 rpm, (ordinary high-speed rotating juicer 7000-12000 rpm).

Not to destroy the cell structure of the fruit, the nutrition of the fruit will not be lost. No metal knife net is used to avoid the problem of oxidation (discoloration) caused by metal.

Its juice yield is much higher than traditional juicers, generally more than 75%, while the general juicer is only 50%~60%. Especially when it comes to juicing watermelon, the juice yield is amazing, reaching 92%, and it's still very cool to use in summer and put some ice cubes.

Because of the difference in operating principle, the decibel of the personal feeling of the operation of the original juicer is really much lower than the decibel of the first two! And the color of the juice extracted is more pure. It can be said that it is a single-function juicer upgrade, so, naturally, its price will generally be a little more expensive than the previous two.


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