The high speed blender, juice mixer, extractor, which can retain the nutrition to enjoy health
The high speed blender, juice mixer, extractor, which can retain the nutrition to enjoy health

Nowadays, the quality of consumers' life increasingly grows. With the increasing consumption level, many people have a rising requirement for household appliances. As for the gradual change in customers' demand for home appliances, manufacturers are constantly completing the functions of household appliances and offer the machines satisfied with customers. At present, health has become the mainstream in the market, especially in summer, people would like to make up the requirement of the daily vitamin through the juice. But there are many alternative products in the market, such as the high speed blender, juice mixer, extractor, etc., which can all get used for making the juice. Then how do we choose?

The distinction of products

The first is the difference in products. There is a big distinction between a high speed blender and a mixer. The functions of a mixer are pretty simple, which mixes various stuff through the rotating blade. The product generated by the machine can not be called juice because it doesn't break up all the fruit completely but ends up in a semi-solid form. Actually, the fruit juice is combined with the solid. However, the high speed blender can completely smash the fruit and form a state of juice finally.

The principle of extractor

One of the strengths of the extractor is that it blends more thoroughly than the fruit juice blender. It can not reach the same level as the high speed blender, but it can separate the juice from the material through a filter. And the juice extracted can be directly given to consumers to drink. During its work, the rotating blades quickly cut the fruit. In this way, finally, it shows a mix of fruit juice and residue. Taking the squeezing way of a nutribullet juicer in virtue of grind makes the fruit be juice in original taste and flavor. Of course, from the view of machines, it is not the same as the all-side high speed blender.

The functions of the high speed blender

Compared to other traditional machines, the fruit juice made by the high speed blender tastes better because it grinds the fruit more thoroughly and smaller, which means all the fruit can finally become a cup of fruit juice. Not only is the taste more mellow, but the nutrients stay in the cup, which means it can provide more nutrition than filtration juice for customers and improve the taste at the same time. And the outstanding advantages of the high speed blender are widely approved by many customers.

Actually, the best high speed blender possesses many alternative functions besides extracting the juice. It can get applied to heat soup for its heating function. Additionally, it can make porridge or other creamy materials through its own blending function and make ice cream in summer. Under this circumstance, it makes customers realize the comprehensive functions of the high speed blender. However, compared to the price of the traditional machine, the high speed blender is more expensive, which means consumers may not consider buying in the functional aspect but the price aspect. If you have a good economic condition and a high requirement for food, you can buy a high speed blender.

Compared to the other traditional extractor, the high speed blender has obvious advantages but a higher price. Actually, whether it is enough to buy such a machine depends on your demands and economic condition. If you can afford a high speed blender, buying it will be a great choice for you to satisfy your diverse requirements. And this option has become the current choice of many users because it will provide a better cost-performance if a machine can meet diverse requirements.


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