Mixer preservation and cleansing protection measures



1. Those who want to go into the mixer to paintings should first notify the manufacturing branch and the operator, and fill withinside the mixer preservation and cleansing protection affirmation shape.


2. Before working, the operator should entire the subsequent measures:

The operator turns off the electrical brake of the console and presses the emergency prevent transfer.
The operator cuts off the electricity deliver of the electrical cupboard that controls the mixer, places up a caution signal for overhaul and prohibition of closing, locks the door of the working room, and grants the important thing to the employees who input the overhaul and smooth up the mixer for sa fekeeping.
The operator have to strictly take a look at the implementation of the above measures, and after confirming that they may be correct, signal the mixer preservation and cleansing protection affirmation shape to permit get entry to to the principle engine for preservation and cleansing operations.



3. The preservation employees should entire the subsequent measures:

The preservation and cleansing operators press the prevent turn on the mixer site (open the mixer protection door), and hold the important thing.
When the preservation and cleansing employees input the host for preservation, they should stubbornly put on preservation protection defensive equipment (protection helmets, protection belts, preservation tools, etc.)
After the mixer is repaired or wiped clean up, the preservation employees and the operator shall mutually take a look at whether or not the principle engine is overhauled and the cleansing employees are evacuated from the principle machine. After the preservation is finished withinside the mixer smooth-up and preservation protection affirmation shape, comply with the electricity-on column to signal and confirm.



4. After the operator cautiously inspects the mixer to make sure protection, cast off the preservation caution signal, reset the emergency prevent transfer subsequent to the mixer, after which begin manufacturing.



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