How to apply the transportable mixer?
How to apply the transportable mixer?

Juice: Cut the fruit into small portions and placed them withinside the center transition net. Then upload the correct quantity of water, of course, you could additionally upload a few sugar to growth the taste. Turn it on for a minute, Ok!


Smoothie: Take out the transition net. Put small ice cubes with a diameter of no greater than 1cm into the cup. Using the jog switch, it could end up overwhelmed ice slag after 5 to seven times.


Jogging is in particular used for dry grinding of food, smoothies, and meat. It is normally used very rarely.


The first equipment is a low-pace equipment, that is typically used while blending softer fruits. It also can be used for one minute while making soy milk to assist beat the beans and growth nutrition.


The 2d equipment is an adjustment equipment, that is normally used greater often. Generally, so long as it's far processed food, the second one equipment may be used. Its fast, and no time is wasted.



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